White Bathing Suit Bottoms, Easy Coordination with Every Color

White bathing suit bottoms are nice thing to have for your spring break or summer time. Whichever it is, now the time has come; time for you to begin your hunt on new swimwear for the upcoming hot weather. And choosing a different piece of two-piece bathing suit is a nice option of changing your summer mode.

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White Bathing Suit Bottoms Tips for Combining it with Various Bottoms

There are a lot of advantages you will get by purchasing a white bottom only while looking for several other top to combine it with the white bottom you have. As you already know, white is a neutral color. That means white goes well with almost every color you can think of. This leaves unlimited possibilities of combination you can think of to accompany the cute white bottom you have had.

White Bathing Suit Bottoms 2

This white bottom is especially good for those who like to change appearance from time to time. The white bottom could easily be combined with black, red, blue, yellow, or any types of bikini top. There are also various bikini top pattern and design you can try to combine with this bikini bottom. This way, even if you go to the pool or the beach every day, you can still look different by changing your top from time to time. Even leopard pattern or floral pattern will go well with this white bottom.

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You can discover yourself just how much combination will look good on your body if you decide to purchase the white bathing suit bottoms as the basic of your bathing suit. The combination you could make using the white bathing suit bottoms is not limited on bikini tops only. Even a simple oversized t-shirt or shirt will do a great work in making you look sexy if combined with the simple yet appealing white bottom you got.

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Relaxing by the pool with simple shirt and a white bikini bottom will be enough to keep you cool in the hot weather, while keep you hot in the eyes of everyone. Other than t-shirt, oversized and unbuttoned white shirt will do great in covering yourself up after a good suntan.

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White Is Never Too Plain for White Bathing Suit Bottoms

Some of you might think that white bottom is just too plain and the balance will be ruined if it is combined with eye-catching patterns or color. That does not necessarily true. The white bottoms are also available in various seductive and sensual designs. White bottom with spaghetti straps in the side will work well in keeping the piece of garment fashionable enough with other tops.

White Bathing Suit Bottoms 7

Or you want beads as string, you can choose whichever type that you want. All are made with great care and effort in order to draw out your natural charm with the pure and neutral element of the color white. This white bottom will work extremely well for you who had already got a nice sun tan or those with natural chocolate exotic skin.

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Other than its flexibility, the white bikini bottom also has another advantage. What else if it is not financially? This white bottom, depending on the material will cost you around $14 to $24. This is enough and will save you more money rather than you having to spend around $40 to $50 for a pair of bikinis. With this, you can purchase only one bottom and several various tops and you can wear them to change your image every time you come to the beach or pool.

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White Bathing Suit Bottoms 10

This white bottom strategy also works with black bathing suit bottoms if you like darker color better than the bright one. The black bottom will go well with dark color such as dark blue, deep red, etc. It is up to you whether you want to be a cute cheerful beach girl with white bathing suit bottoms and all the available variations, or you want to be an elegant, sexy dark girl with the darker bottom.

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