Tips for Choosing the Best Lifeguarding Bathing Suits

Do you remember or at least know, or maybe fans of  a television series about the Los Angeles Lifeguards, California, who patrol at the beach, staring by David Hassellhoff, Pamela Anderson? Yes, Baywatch, the show is so famous in the early 1990s and early 2000. With over 1,1billion viewer each week, Baywatch is the most watched television series according Word Guinness Book Record. You watch the lifeguard running around, sprinting at the beach with their fit body and their tight lifeguarding bathing suits.

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When the lifeguards try to save someone from drowning, rescuing, when they running, or in other thrilling action, the picture took in slow motion. It makes the picture memorable and the lifeguards always look beautiful in their suits. The lifeguard wear one piece bathing suits for the women and the man only wear shorts.

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The suits look perfect. But that’s only happen in television. The suit is one of the important factors to keep the viewer watched every scene, and not blink their eye at all. The suit is for the entertainment purpose. In reality? Well, its total different in reality.

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For lifeguards, wearing perfect lifeguarding bathing suitswill help them keep the performance. Therefor some aspects have to be considered.  The nature of lifeguard works is determined the design and the style of the suits. Speed is necessary for lifeguards. Lifeguards have to response the emergency situation quickly. The suits should help the lifeguards to move easily. That is the first tips. The lifeguard works 24 hours, 7 weeks, in 365 days, it means they work at day, at night, and in every season from summer, fall, spring, to winter.

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The lifeguarding bathing suits also have to be able to withstand the sun exposure, the chorine, the salt, the sand, and the chemicals. So, the suits must have durability to be worn, this is the second tips. The lifeguard bathing suits must have dry quickly. Pick the suit that doesn’t hold the water or the wet. Lifeguarding requires the lifeguard to be in and out the water almost all day. Working in wet suits that doesn’t dry quickly, will affect the stamina.

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The stamina can be easily dropped. Saving people from drowning, for example, is very tiring, need an intense concentration, take lot of energy, after lifeguard out of the water it will help the body to be warm quickly  if the suits dry in a minutes. So the lifeguards can still work after she or he out of the water. The resume for the third tips: the lifeguarding bathing suits must be able to dry quickly.

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The best lifeguarding bathing suits is one that protect the lifeguard skin from radiation of ultra violet. Right now many lifeguarding bathing suits offer ultraviolet feature. It is easily to find with affordable price.  The ultra violet feature enables the lifeguard to be in the sun in a longer time without getting sun burn. Use lifeguarding bathing suits which have ultra violet feature is for the last tips.

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Basically, lifeguarding bathing suitshave common and standard style. And most lifeguarding bathing issue have the lifeguard word displayed on the suits, so people who need help will easily to find them. But now, many variations of lifeguarding bathing suit are available, so the lifeguards look stylish too.

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For women, the style comes in one piece model, tankini, twopieces, roll top shorts, and board shorts. And for the men, the styles come in classic trunks, speedos, jammers, board shorts, tanks, t-shirts, rash guards, and wet suits. Combination between the design and the style make the lifeguarding bathing suits is practical to wear yet still fully function , and in a modest way.

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