Show Braveness Through Ugly Bathing Suits!

What will you imagine if someone says about ugly bathing suits? In fact, it is not as ugly as its name. This kind of bathing suit is used by some people who have a bad looking appearance. It is often used also by fat women. In fact, there are so many reasons that make some people want to wear ugly bathing suits. First, they want to have a good looking appearance even though their body does not support it. However, people will consider this kind of phenomenon as selfishness.

Actually, they do not have to insist their appearance to be a beautiful person. It will give impact not only to other people but also to themselves. For themselves, they will not feel easy to face in front of people; moreover they will lose their confidence in an instant. Meanwhile, for other people, they will feel not interest with the person who wears ugly bathing suits. For that reason, if you wear such ugly bathing suit, you have to be strong and have a tight face in order to overcome your hesitation so that you and your friend will still feel comfortable.

Second, this bathing suit will give a solution for people with bad looking appearance to enjoy their holiday time. Having this kind of suit is very useful so that they can have a bathing suit which is matching with other people. Do not worry with the way other people look at you; you just have to be yourself and pretend to be careless with other people opinion.

However, ugly bathing suit not only used by people with bad looking appearance, even the sexiest woman in this world may want to wear this kind of bathing suit. How come? You have to know that the “ugly”  word in this bathing suit means “naughty” or we can say it “very hot”. Ugly is resemble the texture of the bathing suit itself.

They have very brave texture which makes the one who wear it look very sexy. It is obvious to say that because they will almost look nude only by wearing this suit. For that reason, you have to become brave enough before you decide to buy and wear it. If somehow you encounter a person who wear very sexy bikini suit, it means that they wear ugly bathing suits.

In fact, the one who wear ugly bathing suit is not a common people. This kind of suit is mostly worn by actress, model, and rich women. You may want to try this suit if you want to resemble yourself as a famous person. However, you have to be ready with any kind of impacts that you may encounter when you decide to wear ugly bathing suits. First, you will become the centre of attention. Many people, especially man will look at you without hesitation.

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If you are still single, those men will decide to move their feet on you and try to have a conversation with you. Moreover, those men will compete with each other in order to be able to be nearer with you. Secondly, you will make other women or girls feel envy with you, since they are not as brave as you to show your body. But make sure the texture of your body is very good; otherwise other people will look for your body because it is very funny, not because it is interesting.

It is your own right to make a decision about which suit you have to use during your holiday time in the beach. Just make sure that the suit that you wear makes you feel comfortable and confidence.

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