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Swimming and all water sports, including holiday at beach is a lifestyle. It needs special costume to suit the situation. If you are an active person that needs the most suitable for your action, you should consider roxy girls bathing suits. The Roxy girl’s bathing suit us part of Roxy Clothing, Quiksilver’s junior girl’s line, that is dedicated to support young people with active living and extreme sports lifestyle. The basic idea of Roxy clothing design is girl in mind. The company creates and designs the clothing, especially the bathing suit to meet what girls want.

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Bathing, especially if you do it in swimming pool or beach, needs special clothes that can attract attention. It suits with young girl’s spirit of active and dynamic life. The roxy bathing suits provide the best costume for every water-related activity with modern fashion touch.  The clothes from Roxy are ranging from basic surf wear for sport and style to vintage inspired, forward sportswear.

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The roxy provides beach sports and snow sports. The roxy girl’s bathing suits history had been started in 1990. The swimwear was the first product and then the company moves to sportswear by producing junior denim and snow wears. The roxy girls bathing suits collections are great and you can see and buy it from various clothing stores.

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The most recommended roxy swimsuit is the Roxy Girls 2-6x Cove Set 2 piece Swimsuit. This swimsuit is designed in retro style. The use of colorful motifs and wider straps on the shoulders make the swimsuit looks very attractive. The Roxy Girls 2-6x Cove Set 2 piece Swimsuit has wonderful design with full back for the bottoms. The Roxy print name on the Roxy Girls 2-6x Cove Set 2 piece Swimsuit is Hey Sunshine. It is available in Red and Teal with sizes of 4,5,2t, 3t, 6x.

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For those who like one piece swimsuit for more comfort swimming activities, you can see Roxy Beach Bloom Girls One Piece Swimsuit Mint. The swimsuit will make your body looks sexier because of the strip design and the Roxy logo printed in front. The light blue and white color of the swimsuit makes every eye stare at you in amazement. This one piece swimsuit is available in size 10, 14, 7,and 8. For a sexier look, you can also check out the Roxy Girls 7-14 Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit.

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This Roxy Girls 7-14 Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit is very suitable for young active girls that demand high quality swimsuit for bathing and also flirting boys and adults. The stripes and feminine ruffle details improve the image of a young attractive girl.

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If you are looking for an exotic swimsuit, you need to look at the black swimsuit, the Girl’s Roxy Halter Monokini Swimsuit Black. This swimsuit featuring a flattering halter fit, cutout at the waist and black color design. If you look the image of this swimsuit, you will really like it and probably buy it at once. Roxy is pay attention to very young girl too. it has collection for female kids. For them, the Roxy provides Roxy Kids Daisy Gypsy Angel Ruffle Set Girl’s Swimmer Sets.

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This roxy bathing suit is for little girl. The colorful flowers on the motif gives attractive look to the swimsuit. It makes you easy to find your little girl even in the beach crowd. There are many other great stuffs from roxy such as the amazing Native Sky Ruffle Monokini swimsuit that is perfect for beach party at night. The black color brings the glamorous beach party. All roxy girls bathing suits are great and they are very reasonable in price.

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