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If you are thinking of having unforgettable summer get away, then pin up bathing suits is a must-have item in your luggage. Adopting the charm and the style of 50s, pin up swimwear is a swimwear that will add more style into your look and make you become the center of the attention. It surely focuses on showing the shape of your body as it has fairly simple design with colorful and attractive patterns (just like other retro clothes).

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Even though the style is considerably “old” compared to other styles, there are so many people who loves it so much. Well, if you use the style for completing your summer vacation, it will be just great and you can shine your beauty and show the world who you really are.

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Pin Up Bathing Suits Selections

One unique thing in mode is that it is not something linear. It is like a cycle that dynamically change and reappear. Retro style which was pretty popular back then on 50s, now gain more popularity and become one favorite style in bathing suit industry. Well, who can resist simple yet gorgeous design that elaborates the body shape?

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Well, no one. So let’s take a look at these selections on pin up bathing suits and see if there is something you like among the pin up style bathing suits selection we have here. Meet Rapture Red Pin Up swimwear of Orchid Label. Attractive red color of Bandeu style top and high-waisted bottoms is really a killing choice. You will get every eye in the pool and beach looking at you admiringly and you totally able to show your beautiful and well-shaped body. In short, you are able to live up your fantastic holiday by wearing this collection in any place you go. See also: Right Bathing Suits for Teenagers

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More Selections on Vintage Pin up Bathing Suits

There are some bathing suits adopting retro style uses polka dot as accent. Well, back then, this style was indeed very popular in the society. Bringing back the glory of 50s era in your holiday is not a bad idea since you will look exceptionally attractive and get the crowd’s attention. So let’s take a look at White polka dot Red Vintage Swimsuit Pin Up.

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It is a one piece swimwear with bandeau style tie top. The product comes with shelf bust bra with cups and also front lining. With these features, you surely look fantastic in any place you swim. Well, looking great does not necessarily mean that you need to wear too showy, right?  You can still look great and attractive by using classic yet stylish retro swimwear.

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Now that we have discussed some selections of swimwear, we should start discussing on choosing the right bathing suit to accompany you get through enjoyable summer vacation. In choosing the right swimwear, you need to ask yourself, what is the real attention of wearing the swimwear? Well, this might sound silly, but it is very important.

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Pin Up Bathing Suits 10

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If you think that swim is a sport and you want to do it well, then you need a bathing suit that will support you. To give you good support, you can choose two pieces bikini with shelf style bra. You can even choose diver-style swimwear if you want to.

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Pin Up Bathing Suits 12

In other hand, if you want to wear the swimwear to a pool party of having great time with your friend at Jacuzzi, then sexy triangle swimwear or unique fringe swimwear will be the best. Then, you will look more charming and stunning in it. If you love the pin up bathing suits selection above, then grab it fast and experience great summer vacation.

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