Picked Op Bathing Suits Based on the Body Shape

Beach is the perfect place to wear op bathing suits. The most people course understands if women have known as the beauty creature. Their expectation for their appearance is simple. Be an interesting woman and make their appearance look attractive. This is their dream and this is the thing that they want to realize. Wear a nice and suitable clothes are one way to realize this expectation.

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By wearing it, the nice appearance can be made and the woman’s confidence can be real. When they visit to the beach, this is the right time for them to spread their beauty. The most women are proud with their body shape. This is why when they visit to the beach they will wear an interesting swimsuit or bathing suit. But to make the appearance look better, they also need to consider their body shape to make the right choice.

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Tips to Choose op bathing suits

In choosing op bathing suits, at first women need to know the category of their body shape. Is the body shape is apple shape, pear shape, small bust, fuller bottom, slender or hour glass? The different body shape needs the different suit design. For apple body shape tankinis with the solid color at the top and patterned at the bottom side can give the appearance of a balanced.

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ith apple shape, one piece bathing suit will be more suitable for women with this body shape. With tummy control or ruching design feature, it will create the nice illusion to make the apple body shape looks more interesting.

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For body with the large hips and smaller shoulder and waist, solid colored at the bottom side and patterned at the top side is the good choice for pear shaped. The other design that can camouflage the big bottom side can be done with skirt or boy short style suit.

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For women with small bust, the halter bikini top with seam or band at the under bust line or the lightly padded can help to improve the bust size and make it looks bigger. Triangle bikini top can help too. To make the bust looks better, swim wear with texture can help too.

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So if you have small bust and feel not confident with your body shape, you can try to apply this tips to make your bust looks better.
Fuller bottom is the next body shape. For this body shape, the skirt flatter will give you more balanced look. Boy short style is well to wear too. These styles give a little coverage at the bottom side. Solid color at the bottom side and pattern color at the top side can be the right combination to get the balanced appearance.

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The next tip has designed for slender body. Women with this shape has the same size at the shoulders, waist and hips, one piece or to pieces suit that has more detail around the waist will be helpful to make the body looks more hourglass. To create more waist impression, try the wrap style at the tops side or belted bathing suit can be helpful too.

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The final body shape and the most expected body shape for women is hour glass body shape. Women with this body shape are a lucky woman. Almost anything you wear will perfect and suitable for you. So you do not need to worry about how to pick the right bathing suit.

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But if you want to look more impressive, you can try to wear a two pieces bathing suit. It will reflect and show your beauty shape well and make everyone impress with you. Choose the right op bathing suits not a big problem for hour glass body shape.

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