Petite Bathing Suits from AE-TIE: Top Tankini & Bottom

Finding petite bathing suits can be your problem when you have small shape of body and you really like to swim. But you don’t need to worry about that because you can still have an opportunity to swim because you can find a petite bathing suit based on your need. With this kind of fact, more and more stores are trying to serve you with petite bathing suit collection for you.

Top Tankini Petite Bathing Suits

One of petite bathing suits is tankini bathing suit. Actually, the name is the combination between tank top and bikini. This is the reason why the design looks different. This type of bathing suit design becomes more and more popular because it looks sexy. You can take AE-TIE Dyed Stripe tankini top as the example.

This bathing suit is made of two popular materials which are nylon and spandex. By using those two materials the bathing suit is more silky and easily to stretch and follow your petite body. Because it is a tankini so you are wearing a v-neck bathing suit. There is also a pad to make you comfortable but it is also removable so you can easily remove it when you don’t like to use the pad. It is okay for you to wash this bathing suit by using washing machine.

For petite people it is important to know the exact size of the bathing suit for their comfortableness. In this case, you can still buy the tankini bathing suit for petite women in 7 types which are XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. For the top of the tankini you can just measure it by the size of your bra. You can just buy a fit tankini from size 31 up to 42. The color of this top is navy and it is the combination between blue, white, yellow, and black.

Bottom Tankini Petite Bathing Suits

If there is a tankini top it means you will also find bottom petite bathing suits. This bottom is made by the same materials with the top which are nylon and spandex. You need to know that this tankini bottom uses more nylon compared to the spandex. Specifically, it is made of 82% of nylon and 18% spandex. The reason why these two materials are chosen is because it can be easily stretch based on your body. Although, it is easily to stretch but the material is silky and soft enough to wear and it increase your comfortableness.

At the front of the tankini bottom you will see a logo tab. After using this bottom you are allowed to wash it by using washing machine and there will be no negative impacts. As a petite girl you need to consider a lot about the size of your waist to get the best bathing suit. Of course, the bottom tankini is following the size of the tankini top. The different is that you can measure the product based on the size of your waist. The smallest waist is 23 and it means you need to buy the XXS bottom tankini.

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On the other hand, the larget waist is 36 and XXL is the perfect bottom bathing suit you need to purchase. To create a perfect color combination so the color of the bottom is not the same with the top. In this case, the color of the bottom is totally blue.

Definitely, by reading this information you don’t need to get confused to buy your favorite bathing suit although you have petite size of body because you can find several petite bathing suits available in the market. The most important thing is that you can swim confidently by wearing a cool bathing suit based on your body size.

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