How To Build A Natural Swimming Pool In Your Yard

Creating a natural pool is a lot of work, but it can also be a fun and rewarding project. How big you want to make it is entirely up to you, and a great benefit of a natural pool is that it is free from harmful chemicals. 

A natural pool is also inexpensive to build and almost entirely maintenance-free. You also have the freedom to design it any way you like so you can really have fun during the planning process.

Have a Plan

There are several different ways to build a natural swimming pool, but you have to start with a plan. This way, you will end up with exactly what you want in the end and with minimum mistakes or setbacks along the way. 

Set a Budget

You should also set a budget to know what you can afford and keep track of all your expenditures along the way. Doing this will help you decide what materials you can splurge on and where you may need to cut back and keep you from overspending. 

You need to map out exactly what you want, where you plan to put it and decide how big your want to make it. 

Keep in mind that you need to allow extra space for your filtration system and may need to take into consideration things such as power lines, trees, and fences. If you have trees in your yard, you may want to locate your pool away from them to avoid having to deal with extra debris in your pool.

Get Ready to Dig

Once you have mapped out your pool, you will likely need to rent an excavator or hire someone to dig out your pool. Just be sure to take into consideration where existing plumbing, gas, or sewer lines may be located underneath the surface before you dig. You will need to dig the hole so that the sides slope to prevent them from caving in. 

Once you have dug the hole to your liking, you will need to line it with a type of synthetic or bentonite material to seal it, so you can add water without it escaping. 

Add Some Plants

Adding plants to your pool is not only aesthetically pleasing, but they will naturally filter the water. You should designate a shallow area of your pool for your plants.

Add Filtration

If you want your pool to stay nice and clean, you will need some sort of filtration system. You can create a fairly simple system using inexpensive PVC tubes. The tubes should be set up so that they move the pool water from the pump into the area where you have your naturally filtering plants. 

You will also need to aerate the water. For added filtration, you could also add a skimming system that connects to the pump to catch anything the filtration system misses. 

Frequently changing the water will also help keep your pool water clear and free of unwanted contaminants such as algae. A UV light can help to keep the water clear as well. You want your pool to be balanced, so you may need to experiment with a few different methods. 

Added Features

You may also want to add some extra features such as a waterfall or even a slide. Don’t forget the area around your pool-you can create a relaxing oasis by adding flowers and trees. Just be sure that the plants and plant life that you choose will do well in your area.

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