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When the summer starts to knock on your window, this can make you are already see the beach is waving at you and tempt you to step on its sand, swim on its water and stand in the top of the wave using your surfboard. However, before doing this fun vacation, a decent bathing suit is needed. If you are looking one of the best collections of bathing suit, becca bathing suit can be one option that can be taken seriously.

Becca Bathing Suit 1

Becca bathing suit itself is designed by Rebecca virtue, a Californian woman who is graduated from Otis College in the subject of art and design. Her designs tend to looks exclusive and exotic. All of her product almost always using vivid color palette and this is show her love on art and nature. The design itself always uses high quality fabric and precise detailing. It seems that she has given all her knowledge on art when she is designing the product.

Becca Bathing Suit 2

This is one of the reasons why all of her product is claiming certain fame after it launched to the market. Her product is always giving expression that it is special and elite. This is why people are always enthusiastic when the new season is coming and new collection is released. Rebecca virtue who already work on the design of Becca for more than 18 years is ensure that the product is getting its popularity because of its innovative cuts, modern design and stunning pattern.

Becca Bathing Suit 3

The design that becca bathing suit bring can give us impression that Rebecca Virtue is simply inspired with the colorful world of tropical jungle and mystical rainforest for her latest collection. The colors that she brings for her bikini tops and bottoms are so vibrant and lively.

Becca Bathing Suit 4

The uniqueness and vivid color that the bathing suit design brings is also can match up with the femininity of woman. The exclusiveness of this swimming line is no longer a doubt. In fact, the brand has been featured in noticeable magazine like Vogue, Elle, or sports illustrated.

Becca Bathing Suit 5

For the product itself, there are few products that are the top of the line. For example is this Becca ruffled underwire crochet bikini swim top. This model is a super sweet model and it is done in complete bright white color. The details that brought are double ruffle details, an underwire and skinny straps. The product itself is made with spandex so that can give you such comfort as you wear it. The next model that is popular is this becca color blocked bikini swim top.

Becca Bathing Suit 6

This model is designed with the pure inspiration of modern art. The tops is made with colorful square-shaped lines and add with details that use black band and back halter straps to hook the back. Other than that, you can also find becca get together cutout one-piece. This is suitable for you who adore uniqueness and originality.

Becca Bathing Suit 8

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With unique cutout, the one who wear this on-piece will soon are having all eyes on her as she walks down the beach. Fro you who are preferred on simplicity and conventional design, becca network can be a choice. The design is using simple details and single color tone.

Becca Bathing Suit 9

Becca Bathing Suit 10

Becca Bathing Suit 11

Becca is also known by its policy to join the forces to make a project for charity in helping to provide a healing environment for wounded army personnel. A portion of the sales of becca bathing suit will be donated for the project. Also, in 2012 collection, becca is designing three groups of red and white to honor these men and women. These three groups will be sewn in the US and will provide jobs as well.

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