How to Create Your Own Muslim Bathing Suit?

Muslim bathing suit maybe isn’t so familiar among us. For us Muslim, especially Muslim women, this bathing suit can become the best solution for them that want to have activity in the water. And of course, with Muslim bathing suit, Muslim women don’t need to worry about break that Islam law that forbid woman to show most of their body. Now, if you want to buy Muslim bathing suit, there’re few things that you need to know.

Muslim Bathing Suit 1

First, like when you choose bathing suit, you need to find Muslim bathing suit that has right material. Finding Muslim bathing suit with comfortable material is the most important thing. However, this thing maybe isn’t the problem anymore today. With the technology that we can find today, there’re many Muslim bathing suit manufacture that create bathing suit for Muslim women with comfortable material. They even feel like they don’t wear any bathing suit, because, the material is very thin and comfortable. Muslim bathing suit is also available in material that won’t absorb water.

Muslim Bathing Suit 2

So, you don’t need to worry, when you want to swim on the ocean or pool. This material also can help your swimming performance. The style and design is also important thing in Muslim bathing suit. Fortunately, most of style and design of this Muslim bathing suit is also beautiful, so, you can still looks beautiful in it.

Muslim Bathing Suit 3

But, the problem comes when you can’t find store where you can buy this Muslim bathing suit and you want to swim on the ocean. You can buy it from online store, however, that would be take lot of time. So, here’re the solution you can use.

Muslim Bathing Suit 4

If you have full body bathing suit, you can use that as the base for your own Muslim bathing suit. First, you need to wear it as the base bathing suit. And like we can find on most of Muslim bathing suit, or it’s known as Burqini, there’s some part of this bathing suit that loose, such as its body part and hip part. For the body part to create loose part, you can wear big size t-shirt. Of course, you need to deal with its easy to absorb material that the most of t-shirt has. However, it would be great thing, if you find t-shirt with material that’s not easily absorb water.

Muslim Bathing Suit 5

For the hips part, you can wear mini skirt or wrap scarf on that part. Now, for the hijab or burqa, the burqa type that you can use is the instant burqa, which you just need to wear it without wrapping it from scarf. Wear this burqa and put the bottom part inside your full body bathing suit. And, you’re ready to swim. The reason why the instant burqa type that you use is, it won’t bother you when you swim compared to the old traditional burqa.

Muslim Bathing Suit 6

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And it can help your performance. After you get all of that, next thing you must do is choosing the color. Of course, like other women, you need to choose burqa, full body bathing suit, t-shirt and scarf that have beautiful color and fashionable design. With that, you will looks beautiful like what you want.

Muslim Bathing Suit 7

of course, that Muslim bathing suit that you create by using all parts that mentioned above can’t be compared with the Muslim bathing suit that created by top manufacture. Its comfort, design and performance are of course, below the Muslim bathing suit from manufacture.

Muslim Bathing Suit 8

So, you can only use that method, if you have condition where you can’t find or get Muslim bathing suit on the store. Otherwise, it would be better, if you buy muslim bathing suit from store for your activity.

Muslim Bathing Suit 9

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