Cool Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits

Metal mulisha bathing suits can be your reference when you want to go to the beach this summer. The reason why you have to consider this brand to support your activity on the beach is because they have several elegant bathing suits to wear. Actually, they are available with bikini top and bikini bottom products to choose.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 1

Top and Bottom Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits

One more unique characteristic of metal mulisha bathing suits is on the logo of the brand. Although it is only a bathing suit but still you can see the logo of Metal Mulisha and the logo of this brand is Mulisha skull. The specific product you can purchase is metal mulisha demolition bikini top. It is considered as a triangle bikini top.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 2

Because they always include the logo in every product so you can also find the skull logo there. Specifically, you can find the skull logo in the right side of the bathing suit top. The material of this bathing suit is satin along with elastic strap on the back and it is easy to wash by hand. The color of the product is the combination between black and white.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 3

Moreover, you can make it complete by wearing the top along with the bottom. Can you find the logo in this bathing suit bottom? Of course you can find it and you can see the skull logo on the back of the bottom. The bottom looks cute with the additional of black ribbons.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 4

Monokimi Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits

If you want to wear different metal mulisha bathing suits, you can just choose one of unique designs which they offer. Specifically, you can decide to buy a metal mulisha Sarina Monokini. This kind of bathing suit is perfect for feminine women but you want to show your dark sense. In fact, the color is the combination between black and pink and it looks cute to wear.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 5

The pattern of this bathing suit is snake skin and along with the pattern you can see the skull logo around the bathing suit. The materials which are included on this bathing suit are polyester and elastine. The best thing of using this product is that you don’t need to bring two parts of bathing suit because it is a one piece bathing suit. To make it easy you can wash it by washing machine. Similar to the previous product, you can also see a ribbon there as an ornament. The different is on the color in which the color of the ribbon is pink.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 7

The Sizes of Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits

Actually, metal mulisha bathing suits can be found by visiting MetalMulisha.Com. Besides seeing those two products above, you also need to consider choosing the right size. There are several sizes which they offer to you which are x small, small, medium, large, and x large. The design of their products is interesting and unique to see.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 8

What you need to remember that most of metal mulisha bathing suits are using three different colors which are black, white, and pink. The theme of the product is gothic but still elegant and even glamour to wear. Simplicity is also their consideration when they offer their product to you. Of course, most of you want to perform in elegant and glamour even if you spend your holiday in the beach.

Metal Mulisha Bathing Suits 9

The most important thing is that by reading the information above you can find a comfortable bathing suit to wear so you can enjoy your time at the beach comfortably. You can just buy those products in affordable price and the price is started from $24.99 up to $27.99. Now, you have a reference of bathing suit before spending your holiday in the beach and it hopes that it will be a fun holiday to do.

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