The Confederate Flag Bathing Suit will Make You Look Sexier!

Confederate flag is not only useful to show the existence of the confederation but also to make a sexier look. Imagine if you wear a bikini made from the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag bathing suit will make you look sexier and more attractive. The Confederate flag has rebel stars and bars. In the hand of a designer, the motif becomes a great inspiration to create amazing pieces for your sexy body. The Confederate flag bathing suit offers the beautiful rebel star and bars on both cups on the top and on front and back of the bottoms.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 1

The two-pieces bathing suit will expose your breast because the cups are made barely enough for your breast and to support it. The rebel stars motif on the cup will attract attention from most men and boys around you and the entire swimming pool or beach. The Confederate flag bikini is usually made of 82% nylon and 18% Lycra. It stretches to fit your body shape. The stretched bikini will also support parts of your body such as your breast and bottom.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 2

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 9

It makes you look sexier. For the comfort, the two-pieces bikini has string ties at the back and the neck. It can be adjusted to fit your size and to ensure your comfort. The bottoms have a full back to ensure that when you swim, you feel safe and comfortable. This type of Confederate flag bikini is sold for only $29.99 in almost all online stores.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 3

However, the Confederate flag bathing suit are available in many types and size. Browsing the internet will bring you to more choices of Confederate flag bikinis. Rebel flag bikini – string bikini is tagged with $34.95 price tag and it is also listed in the sale section for only $25.95.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 4

This Rebel flag bikini – string bikini is similar to the first one but it has round bottom to cover your bottoms.  Browsing more on the internet will bring you to other model of Confederate flag bathing suit. If we previously talked about two pieces bathing suit, now you can get one-piece bathing suit. The rebel flag 1 piece women’s bathing suit is an amazing bathing suit that you should have if your hobby is swimming.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 5

The red color of the confederate flag combined with the rebel stars and bars make the suit more attractive for the wearer. The motif of the confederate flag is forming a cross in the front part of the suit. The rebel flag 1 piece women’s bathing suit has no string to attach the bikini because it only one piece. It is much comfortable and stronger than two pieces bathing suit. The design of the rebel flag 1 piece women’s bathing suit is made to just fit your form. It stretches to fit your body and to add more exotic shape to your body.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 7

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If you don’t like the one piece bikini, you can also find confederate flag bikini top only. Online stores have various bikini top collections with confederate motif to buy and you can choose one that you like. They are tagged with quite cheap price tag. On sale, the confederate bikini top only is sold for only $13.95. For men, there are also various confederate flag bathing suit such as rebel flag men’s blue swimsuit/surfer shorts. The shorts are having mini confederate flag motif on the both sides.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 8

The blue base combined with the red confederate flags create an interesting combination of a short. The rebel flag men’s blue swimsuit / surfer shorts are sold only for $28.95 but you will save your money if you buy confederate flag bathing suit on the sale because it is tagged only with $22.95.

Confederate Flag Bathing Suit 10


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