Colorful Roxy Bathing Suits for Girls

Roxy bathing suits for girls are prepared for those who want to look sexy and elegant while spending your time at the beach. To facilitate such kind of need, Roxy is sharing their official website known as Roxy.Com to find various types of bathing suits for girl. In fact, this is the perfect time to buy a new bathing suit especially if you want to spend your summer at your favorite beach.

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The Strengths of Roxy Bathing Suits for Girls

One of the strengths of roxy bathing suits for girls is on the color. Commonly, the bathing suits are coming with bright colors. At least, there are 4 different main colors which they use on their bathing suits design which are orange, brown, white, and yellow. The design is also divided into 2 different models. The first is plain color model in which there is no motive on the top and the bottom of the bathing suit. What you can see on the plain model is only bright and strong color.

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The second model is bathing suit with motif and they have several interesting motifs for the bathing suit. For example, you can take floral rhapsody, tiki tile, summer twilight, and many more. Moreover, they also have more cheerful and colorful roxy bathing suits for girls if it is compared with the bathing suits mentioned before such as gypsy paradise and sweet horizon.

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Plain Roxy Bathing Suits for Girls

If you like to wear something simple but give the sexy sense, you can take plain roxy bathing suits for girls. Moreover, you can take native sky shirred bikini top as one of the items you can buy. This bathing suit is designed in bright color and it looks unusual color used for bathing suit which is orange color. Although it is considered as plain bathing suit but there is one of uniqueness you can see. The uniqueness of this item is on the lace design which gives perfect combination between modern and traditional design.

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Roxy Bathing Suits 5

The material of this bathing suit is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It is important to know about the material to make sure that the bathing suit is comfortable enough to wear. The price of plain roxy bathing suits for girls is around $48.00 with three different sizes which are Small, Medium, and Large. You can take this bathing suit if you want something different in the sense of color especially if you want to wear brighter bathing suit while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

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Roxy Bathing Suits for Girls with Motif

One more model which you can purchase is roxy bathing suits for girls with motif. Because bright color is their strength, most of the motifs are performed in bright color. For example, you can take gypsy paradise tiki tile bathing suit as your reference. The colorful flowers become the interesting motif and it gives more cheerful sense.

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Roxy Bathing Suits 8

The contrast base color which is black make the motif looks strong. The design of the bathing suit is supported with side straps and sash ties. The material of this bathing suit is different in which it uses 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The price of this product is also cheaper because you can just buy it for about $40.00. Xs, Small, Medium, and Large sizes are offered and you just need to choose the fit one with your size.

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For your optional, you can also take one more colorful bathing suit namely sweet horizon and it is designed with bright color strips motif with the same price and model. Those products above are easy to clean and you can just wash it by hand.  At least, by using brighter color of roxy bathing suits for girls you can show your feeling that you are happy and in cheerful condition.

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