How to choose Perfect Bathing Suits for Older Women?

Swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, or other water activities and sun activities likesun bathing will be much enjoy by wearing the perfect custom bathing suits. Any kind of bikini model is ok if you still young, or when you are a teenager, and your body still look great with no fat ruck or cellulite. But how if the bikini days have over long long time ago and yet you still want to look fabulous at your age when wearing bathing suits? No need to worry anymore. Here are some tips that will help to choose the perfect bathing suits for older women.

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Women body is unique, every women has different in size and shape. What looks good wear by one woman can be a disaster when worn by other woman. And a woman should be realistic with their size, shape, and age. This is the first step to start making an option for your bathing suits. Be realistic means you honest and accept your body. I will make you relax. And when you are in relax condition you can make a clear decision because you are ready to open your mind widely.

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The bodies issue must be settled first. How is the stomach? Is it flat; is it kind of Bombay stomach, flabby, or saggy? How is your thigh?  Is it thin or slim? How is your torso? Is it long or short? How is the hip? Is it heavy, bold, or light? How is the breast? Is it small, large or big?  As the age increase, the body changes, also the weight too. But basically women shapes still remain.

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The shape of woman body can be categorized in four shapes: pear shape, apple shape, rectangle, or hour glass. Pear shape is larger in the hips than mid and upper body. Apple shapes have upper body that is bigger than the hips. The rectangle shape is evenly distributed throughout the upper body, the torso, and the hips. The hour glass shapes have the hips and torso in similar size and smaller waist. The next step is find what your need is. For older women, model for bathing suits is limited. So focus on the simplicity. Choose a simple model, no need for a flared skirt or ruffle.

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Also, choose a model that simply covers part of your body that you do not want to be highlighted. You should consider about the fabric and the color. Shiny fabric will only larger the body. About the color, black and white is not always the best color for bathing suits for older women.

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Pick color that will make you flatter before and after swimming or sun bathing.  Especially after sun bathing, your skin will be tan. And play with the blocking color to emphasize the proportion of your body. For example, if the hip is large, choose bathing suits which have dark color block on the bottom.

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Most important rule is that the bathing suits must make you comfortable. Comfort means you have confidence with yourself. Whether it’s a resort, swimming pool, or beach, will make you not worry anymore to display the body by wear bathing suits. But here extra tips, use cover up.

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If you like traditional style use sarong to cover up the lower body and your waist. Beside, cover up can be useful to dry the skin or to protect the skin from sun exposure. Finding perfect bathing suits for older women is easy if you have knowledge about your body first. Be sure to pick the bathing suit that fits you well.Then the rest will follow. Happy shopping and enjoy the bathing suits.

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