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Cheeky Bathing Suits are one of the most popular swimwear models in the world. Performing in sexy and perfect look on the beach and swimming pool is a will of all women. With the Cheeky Bathing Suits, they can perform in sexy look by showing their sexy butts under the well designed bathing suits. If you are also one of those women who plan to have some new Cheeky Bathing Suits, you have to know some buying guides below to choose the right bathing suits for a perfect performance and right brand.

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Choosing Cheeky Bathing Suits by the Models

You may think that Cheeky Bathing Suits are designed similar; the differences are just in the colors, patterns, and sizes. However, the fact is the bathing suits are available in two models; they are the cheeky hipkini bottoms and the cheeky low – rise bottoms. Each of the models is quite different and it will be fit differently in two women with different body shape.

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The first model of the Cheeky Bathing Suits is the one with cheeky hipkini bottoms. It is also commonly called Brazilian cheeky with a few inches wider cut on the rear but still showing the cheeky look of the butts. Just like bikini bottoms in common, the cheeky bottoms are designed in various colors and patterns. You may need to suit the colors and patterns based on your skin tone as well as the body size.

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Another Cheeky Bathing Suits model is the one with bottoms called cheeky low rise bottoms. These bottoms are designed with a few inches smaller than the hipkini model. For those with big butts can choose this model in order to show off the butts more and not to hide it. The low rise bottoms may give sexier look; not the bulky look for the hide butts under a light and fully patterned bottom.

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Choosing Cheeky Bathing Suits by the Brands

Some popular bathing suits brands provide Cheeky Bathing Suits as one of their best products. The brands like Beach Sexy® and Very Sexy® have both cheeky hipkini and low rise bottoms in various colors and patterns options. The designs of the bikinis are not the only feature because the Cheeky Bathing Suits are also designed with interesting details like ruffles on the breast area, various neckline designs, ring style bottom sides, and many more. There are many more brands of bathing suits on the market; you can search them and find the best one with the sexiest Cheeky Bathing Suits.

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Choosing Cheeky Bathing Suits by the Designs

Furthermore, the design is another crucial point to consider in choosing the right Cheeky Bathing Suits. If you think you have plus size or just a big chest or breasts, choosing the bathing suits must be based on the cut, color and patterns.

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For those with big body or chest, the first point to consider should be about how to make the swimwear supports your breast well and make it quite comfortable. Just choose bikini tops with necklines that can fade the plus size of your chest. Besides, choosing dark colors with a fewer or no pattern is the best idea to get smaller look.

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Furthermore, you can find some more tips about how to choose the right Cheeky Bathing Suits for you. Find more about how you have to suit the swimwear with your skin tones and maybe some other points that you want to hide or show with the bikinis. Knowing the best model is the first idea of the right buying guides. Then, you will be satisfied with the Cheeky Bathing Suits you buy.

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