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Boy short bathing suit bottoms – When you feel nervous in swimming activity in the water boom, because of confusion about what a bathing suit that is appropriate for your body. How we decide that my body looks beautiful when wearing women bathing suits with skirts. The swimsuit is a second skin that wraps your body, so that the curve of your body looks more obvious. If you are worried about the problem, you should not hesitate for a smart woman would be able to cover the shortfall.

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Here are tips that you can reduce the current shortage of swimming. If you have small breasts, but big hips, you should select a patterned swimsuit. Because it can gives a fuller impression on your chest. For a large part of your hips, you can choose a short swim trunks are dark, but avoid trousers with a slit high thigh. If the model of swimsuit with a skirt, you should choose the model of a straight skirt.

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Small chest and short legs, then you can cover with a bathing suit and an additional two pieces of foam and wire, so that when you swim in the water boom will be polite. The effect of your legs can get from wearing boy short bathing suit bottoms with thigh high cut. Do not use a skirt swimsuit models. If you are a big chest and big belly, you should disguise the two sections with one wearing a bathing suit pieces. Do not choose a patterned swimsuit because it will make the look even bigger. Choose plain and dark motifs.

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Meanwhile, if the stomach, hips and buttocks you’re big, then choose two pieces swimsuit models with superiors and subordinates shaped tank is equipped with a short skirt with no accent ruffle or a simple model. In addition you can also use a bathing suit with overalls with a short skirt in order to disguise the tummy, hips and buttocks which are large.

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Choosing the swimsuit which suit to body

For a person who likes sports pool, a swimsuit-style affair has been concerned intensively. Because commonly almost in every shop, all swimsuit models are displayed is almost same. However, this stagnant style shifted from the former lingerie designer, Laura Rattray, initiated the idea of ​​making a more fitting bathing suit body shape. This idea was born because most only fitting swimsuit used by someone who is an ideal body shape. In fact, bathing is highlighting the shape of the body.

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To create the work, Rattray worked with a number of researchers from Hammersmith Hospital in London. Research carried out by scanning the 5400 non-athletic female body in England to know your body measurements. The goal, as the initial research to create the latest swimsuit models as the development of the last old design made in the era of the 1950s.

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From this study it was found that British women’s bathing suit fits the body shape is based on three categories: hourglass, pear, and the big top. From these, you can determine whether the women bathing suits with skirts or bikini which is suitable for your body. The appropriate swimsuit model according to body shape as follows:

From the results of research in the UK, only 19 percent of 5400 respondents have an hourglass body and their body is considered ideal for most of the swimsuit models. Representation is well-known TV presenter Kelly Brook. Swimsuit for this body shape softens the waist.

As many as 49 percent of women have a pear body shape or size on the bottom. Swimsuit designs that fit the body shape is an emphasis on the abdomen and pelvis as well as refine the larger body at the bottom of the waist. Design a dress for pear shape makes the view focused on the upper body.

The upper part of the body is bigger 
As many as 32 percent of women who have a full chest and buttocks would be more appropriate to use a bathing suit that make up the chest. Swimsuit design also gives the impression of the chest is more elevated.

Matters of design and swimsuit models become important so that the users feel comfortable and creating a better body. Appear confident to make the swimsuit physically healthy and giving a sense of fun isn’t it?

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