Bikini and Tankini Realtree Camo Bathing Suits

Realtree camo bathing suits are offered to cover the need of women who want to spend their holiday at their favorite beach. Of course, they want to perform in elegant and sexy while enjoying the beauty of the beach. To cover this kind of need, Realtree Camo is ready with several new arrival bathing suits in 2012.

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Bikini Realtree Camo Bathing Suits

Sexy is identically with feminine style and to facilitate such kind of need, there are several new realtree camo bathing suits you can purchase. For example, you can purchase a bra as the sexy top when you want to spend your day at your favorite beach. The specific name of the product is Camo bikini halter bra. Because the intention is to show the sexy and feminine senses so the color which is used on this bra is pink. Although it is only a bra but still you need to make sure that it is comfortable enough to wear.

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Related to the comfortableness, you need to check the material of the bra. Two different materials are used which are nylon and spandex. The Realtree logo is also applied on this bathing suit as an interesting ornament. Moreover, this bathing suit is supported by straps at the back neck with self tie design. Besides looking for the top bathing suit you also need to check the bottom bathing suit.

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To make it match with the above top it means you can use camo bikini halter bottom. The design is similar to the top especially on the color and the logo. The material of the product is also the same, nylon and spandex with nylon as the main material. The bottom is supported by solid string ties on the sides to make it looks like hipster style. One of realtree camo bathing suits above looks comfortable enough to wear especially if you want to do several watery activities.

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Tankini Realtree Camo Bathing Suits

If you think if you need something different than a bikini, you can also take one of realtree camo bathing suits offered there. Specifically, they also have tankini bathing suit to purchase. Tankini is designed in the form of tank top and bikini. It is considered as a sexy bathing suit to wear if you want to take a walk around the beach. Pink realtree tankini bathing suit is presented for pink lovers. To make this bathing suit comfortable to wear so it is designed in v-neckline.

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Nylon and spandex become two perfect materials for such kind of suit. The top of the tankini is similar to the top bra explained above along with straps and self tie on the back neck. Definitely, the logo of the product is also presented there as a cool ornament. If you don’t like pink you can also take different color because Realtree Camo is also ready with darker color but still it shows the sexy and feminine senses. Moreover, Tankini realtree camo bathing suits can be combined with the bikini bottom.

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The Price of Realtree Camo Bathing Suits

The price of the realtree camo bathing suits explained above is various but still affordable to buy. For the bra or the bikini top, you can just buy it for about $39.99 up to $44.99. Moreover, for the bikini bottom you can just purchase it for about $39.99. If you think you want to buy the tankini it means you need to prepare $45.99 and soon the product will be in your hand.

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The price of the bathing suits above is determined by several elements including the design and the materials of the product itself. The most important thing is that realtree camo bathing suits can make you not only sexy but also comfortable while enjoy your holiday at your favorite beach.

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