Bathing Suits for Toddler Girls with Flowers Ornament

Bathing suits for toddler girls are something you need to collect if your beloved daughter really loves to swim. This is also concerning to the fact that there are various type of bathing suits you can buy for your toddler girl. If you need a reference, you can just read this information first before purchasing a new bathing suit for your toddler.

1 Piece Bathing Suit for Toddler Girls

You need to know that bathing suits for toddler girls are divided into 2 different types. First, you can just buy one piece bathing suit. As a girl your toddler will love to wear something pinky and girly. If it is so, you can choose to buy a pink flower dots bathing suit. The material of the bathing suit is very important for the comfortableness of your toddler girl.

The specific materials of this 1 piece bathing suit are Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester. After using it for swimming it is recommended for you to wash it by using cold water along with mild soap. The price of this product is about $20.00. There are three different sizes available which are 2T toddler, 3T toddler, and 4T toddler.

The sizes are depending on the weight and the height of your beloved toddler. The weight and height of toddler with 2T size is 24-28lbs and 33-35.5 inches. If the size of your toddler is 3T so her weight and height must be 28.5-32lbs and 36-38.5 inches. For those who have 4T size so your beloved toddler has to be 33-36lbs and 39-41 inches.

You just need to spend for about $5.49 if you want to warp it and use it as your special gift. Of course, this one piece bathing suit is not only product you can buy because you can still buy one more product for the comfortableness of your toddler girl.

2 Pieces Bathing Suits for Toddler Girls

The second type of bathing suits for toddler girls you can purchase is two pieces bathing suit. The interesting thing is that you can find 2 pieces bathing suit in various designs including girls black fuchsia flower. Still, the main ornament is flower because it is for your cute toddler girl. Although, the main color of the bathing suit is black, the color of the flowers is quite contrast to make unite. The color of the flowers is orange and lime and it is quite bright enough.

The specific design of this bathing suit is bikini. Definitely, you have to decide the right material for your toddler and this bathing suit is made by 2 different materials which are nylon and spandex. If it looks dirty so you can just wash it by hand and it is better to use cold water to keep the form of the bathing suit itself. To keep the form of the bathing suit you also not allowed to bleach and line dry it.

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This two pieces bathing suit is also offered in 3 different sizes which are 2T, 3T, and 4T in which the weight and the height of your beloved toddler becomes the basic measurement. To buy this kind of bathing suit you just need to spend $14.99. You can also warp it as a give with additional $5.49. If you want some more, you can also take lime green purple with flower ornament.

These twobathing suits for toddler girls are suitable for those who have a toddler girl and it seems that she likes flowers a lot. At least, you want to give the touch of feminism style to your beloved girl. Hopefully, by wearing the best bathing suit she can enjoy their day while playing water around the swimming pool or beach and don’t have to see her in bad mood condition.

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