Anne Cole Bathing Suits, Classy Swimwear for Summer Holiday

Anne Cole Bathing Suits

Anne Cole bathing suits beautifully proves that simplicity is the greatest pattern ever. You can tell from the swimwear in the summer 2012 collection which shows many plain and simple one piece and also two pieces yet can support your body with comfortable and fitted design. There are many women who trapped on the obsession of being sexy without considering the comfort of the swimwear.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 1

They wear G string swimsuit to go swimming. Well, it does look sexy, but is it really comfortable? Of course, it is not. Thinking of the functionality, the following design made by Anne Cole brings stylish design which allows you to have comfortable swimming. Well, let’s discuss the design in the summer collection and see if there is any choice suit you.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 2

Anne Cole Bathing Suits Collection

Let’s just be honest. Women usually suffer from wearing things that is claimed to make them sexy and appealing. Without thinking of being bossy, there is no point to suffer yourself to make all men around glue their eyes to you. Women are naturally attractive to men even when they wear uniform swimwear. That’s why you should not push yourself to much and wear uncomfortable revealing bathing suit.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 3

You should choose the collection from Anne Cole instead. This is no joke. Daisy Tile series from Anne Cole is awesome. The series come in various items. You can find simply comfortable Bikini brief, Halter tie top, Racerback Tankini to skirted bottom. See also: High Waisted Bathing Suits

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 4

Use black as the main color, it is able to make you look skinnier and more attractive due to the daisy tile accent in the side of the swimwear. The Racerback Tankini is even pretty attractive with perfectly fitter design and comfortable material.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 5

Aside from the Daisy Tile series of Anne Cole bathing suits, you can also find Malibu series which are fairly more revealing than the first Anne Cole bathing suits 2012 series, but still come in comfortable design. Simply choose among Malibu Girl short, Halter top and other choices in the line.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 6

If you want to get more fabulous look, then you can choose Anne Cole Signature Bandeau swimwear. It is pretty simple with one piece design that features halter tie. What makes it attractive is the pattern pf the suit. Black base color is combined with glossy white flower pattern in all parts of it.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 7

More Choices in Anne Cole Bathing Suits Collection

From the examples of the swimwear presented above, we know that the highlight of Anne Cole’s Swimwear is the comfort. The swimwear collections are available in several sizes, so you can simply choose your favorite without being afraid of unfitted suit.  If you not so impressed with the choices presented before, simply browse for them in the internet and grab the one you like.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 8

Some great choices are Tahitian Floral Marilyn Halter Swimwear, Signature Twist Front Shirred tankini, Bandeau Stripped swimwear and many more. Compared to other brands, the swimwear from Anne Cole is fairly affordable. Moreover, with the discount that regularly given to the customer, you can save more while shopping for your bathing suit to enjoy sunny summer holiday in the beach or pool.

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When choosing the swimwear in Anne Cole, you will find out that every product sold by them uses high quality material that support you active day in summer time without forgetting the style.

Anne Cole Bathing Suits 9

Well, if you are too busy to prepare the swimwear to accompany your summer vacation, simply browse the collection of Anne Cole and find many stylish and comfortable bathing suits which come in more affordable price. Last but not least, Anne Cole bathing suits are indeed a perfect choice for comfortable swimming.