Long Torso Bathing Suits with Flower Motif

Long torso bathing suits are the solution for you who want to swim but you don’t get the perfect size. What you need to know is that long torso bathing suit is for tall women. If you are too taller than the ordinary woman it means you have to find a different size of clothes including specific bathing suit.

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Long Torso Bathing Suits with Flower Motif

If it is about long torso bathing suits it means you need to consider buying blue piñata tank bathing suit. The strength of this bathing suit is on the design. Just like the name of the bathing suit it means it is made in blue color. Of course, it is not only about the color because you will see a big size of ornament there. The ornament is a flower and it makes this bathing suit looks natural.

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You need to know that nylon and spandex become the favorite material because of its comfortableness. This is the reason why this bathing suit is made of nylon and spandex. The soft cup bra will make you comfortable while using the bathing suit so you can swim freely. The design is also made in tank bathing suit so you can wear it in simple way and fast.

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This product is offered in 5 different sizes which are 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16. If you are interested to wear this bathing suit in your next holiday it means you have to spend $89.00. Moreover, this bathing suit is suitable for you who are considered as tall women and really like flowers.

Sexy and Elegant Long Torso Bathing Suits

If you don’t like to wear tank bathing suit you can also choose different type of long torso bathing suits. For example, you can wear bathing dress. What makes bathing dress different compared to bathing suit is on the design. By wearing bathing dress you tend to look elegant and sexy. Even, it doesn’t seem that you want to swim if you wear this bathing dress. Maneater Tie Front bathing dress is one of bathing dress you can purchase.

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The design of this swim dress is unique because you can see tiger motif there. The additional tie and band is making this swim dress looks cute and sexy enough to wear. The soft cup bra is also making this product comfortable enough to wear. If you are considered as a tall woman and you don’t really unconfident with your hips so you can just buy this type of bathing dress.

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This is concerning to the fact that this bathing dress can hide your hips and it doesn’t matter anymore because people can’t see your hips. Again, to make this bathing dress more comfortable to wear so it is made by nylon and spandex with nylon as the primary material instead of spandex. The availability of the size is a little bit different with the above bathing suit. Specifically, you can only find bathing dress in 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18.

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By seeing the size of the bathing dress it is known that it is a perfect bathing dress for tall person. If you want to wear this type of bathing dress you just need to spend $99.00 and soon you can wear it for your next holiday especially if you want to go to the beach or swimming pool.

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It hopes that those two long torso bathing suits can give you a solution so you don’t need to worry to wear a bathing suit even if you are considered as tall women. Unconfident women can also hide several parts of their body so they can walk confidently and enjoy the day in playing water on the beach or swimming pool.

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