Leopard Bathing Suit for More Wild Looks

When you are walking down the beach, the bathing suit that you wear can simply define who you are. For the example, if you are wearing suit with vivid color palette, it can be said that you are lively and cheerful person. Other than that, if you wear those fancy and exclusive bathing suits, you must be the one who do not want to looks cheap. You want everything is exclusive and elite. Next, if you are wearing the leopard bathing suit, you can be sure that people will looks you as a wild and confident person. No doubt about it.
Based on the name, leopard bathing suit is basically inspired with skin of leopard. Numerous of dots and dark colors is always the main palette that used in this design.

Leopard Bathing Suit 1

However, the newest product line is not always on this conventional design and color tone. The new design starts to use different style of dots and brighter color tone. Today, you can easily find leopard bathing suit that use smaller dots design or having more specific pattern. The dots today are not always in circular shape.

Leopard Bathing Suit 2

They start to make it have points or other shape. Other than that, you can also suit that use brighter color like pink or white, the color that no leopard never have. They also start to use more than one color as the base color. Sometime we can find some design that use two or more base color behind the dots on their design. The design is also not always in plain leopard like pattern. The designer starts to add some details or other pattern printed above the leopard pattern.

Leopard Bathing Suit 3

For the products that are available, you can try to check on Diane Von Furstenberg collection. She has cool river leopard design that is made by stretch nylon. The elastic fabric will surely give comfort to the one who wears it. The color tone itself is very suitable with teenagers because it can represent their youthful spirit. Other design is the one from Roberto Cavalli.

Leopard Bathing Suit 4

The design is just simple leopard design with no fancy details and ornaments. However, the thing that makes this design interesting is the fact that it is reversible. If you feel that you are bored with the pattern and don’t feel want to wear leopard bathing suit, you can simply reverse the bathing suit for plain color bathing suit. This can make you feel that you can get two suit and only need to pay for one. It is very interesting offer that can make you saving money significantly.

Leopard Bathing Suit 5

If you notice the pattern for this leopard bathing suit is most likely to be used for two piece suit. They almost never use it for the one-piece design. This is because the pattern tone will be looks weird if the pattern is used for the on-piece design.

Leopard Bathing Suit 6

That can make you looks like a true leopard by doing so, and this is not so good esthetically. However, you still can find the one-piece suit that is using this pattern, but the design of the suit is never using the design that covering the whole body.

Leopard Bathing Suit 7

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If you are interested in purchasing this leopard bathing suit for your beach vacation, you can browse in the internet for sites that have it in stocks. You can find various designers that producing this suit like Roberto Cavalli or Diane Von Furstenberg as stated above.

Leopard Bathing Suit 8

Leopard Bathing Suit 9

Browse more because you may find the products that are on sale for lower price. This can make you do not need to spend so much money for that fancy leopard bathing suit to wear for you next holiday.

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