Find Flattering Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

If you want to find flattering bathing suits for your body type, you need to know what exactly your body type is. Different women have different body types. Some women have small top, some women have big booty, some women has big belly, some women are busty, and some women are hourglass type.

You need to see yourself in the mirror (of course, without anything on your body and of course, you must close the door before you do it). Then you must see whether you are small on top, you have big booty, have a little bit of a belly, busty women, or you are hourglass women. After you know which woman you are, you can continue reading.

Tips of Bathing Suits for Your Body Types

Small on top woman need something that pump up the volume. Do not put anything inside to pump up volume because people will instantly know it fake. Moreover, you will not comfortable with it and you could not swim with it.

You need something for optical illusion of bigger volume. Choose one with ruffles, fringes, or frills on the top side. Luckily, you have flat stomach that means you can wear two-piece bikini. Not every woman can wear two-piece due to fat on her belly that look so ugly. Nevertheless, it is better to avoid one-piece because it will make you look more flat, except if you can find ruffle of the top. Therefore, you need to grateful for anything God gives you because you have solution to make it look better.

Big Booty woman must hide the extra junk, so you need something that covers it up. One-piece could be safe choice for you because it great cover and stay still, but it doesn’t mean that you could not wear two-piece bikini. You can have any top of bikini as you like but you need to put concern on the bottom part. Bottom with ring could be great because it will help the trunk to stay still. More over, ring is cute and give extra attraction to catch people eyes.

Busty is actually a gift because men love it so much. Many women try hard to have big size; they even go to surgeon to do plastic surgery on it. You should grateful since you don’t have to go through that harmful process to have big breast.

However, it is too vulgar to show the fullness and you need to minimize it. Put a concern on your cleavage and give a little sneak pick for people to see your gift. Choose bathing suit with V-neck style. One-piece v-neck style with attractive pattern will make you look great, yet you could also choose two-piece in similar style. One thing you must avoid is ruffle on the top because it will make it look bigger.

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When you have a little bit more on your belly, it is a little tricky part. One thing for sure is you should not wear two-piece. You don’t want to show it, right? Of course, you don’t so go with one-piece. However, you need to make optical illusion for flattering your shape. Vertical stripes will great. Then you can choose one with belt because it can create hourglass illusion and distract eyes.

If you have hourglass body, you should very grateful because you can wear anything you want. You can go with two-piece or one piece as you like it. You can choose any design and pattern. However, you need to put concern in certain part of your body to make it more attractive than other so people will instantly turn their head to see you. Now, you can easily find bathing suits for your body type since you know the trick.

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