Considering of Using the Bandeau Bathing Suits Style

Bandeau according to history has been used for centuries. The word of bandeau is referring to the garment that made of a strip of a cloth. Nowadays, bandeau is referring to women’s garment that used to cover breast such as bandeau bathing suits or garment used to wrap the breast while a woman is sporting.

During first half of the 20th century, bandeaux are known to be popular as headdresses those are the form of headbands. The term of bandeau is also referring to garment that looks like a wimple that being used in the nuns’ costumes and also used as the headdress of women in medieval age.

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The History of the Bandeau Bathing Suits

Bandeau bathing suits history is started even before in the Roman times when the women in that time wear the bandeau to wrap around their breasts. However, bandeau referred as simple kind of brassiere that usually was made of soft fabric with delicate trim and provide the little shaping or support.

Sometimes it was made with elastic materials those would suppressed or flatten the breasts. The brassiere those known nowadays are known and used by the women are the ones made from the boyish silhouette became out of fashion and people tend to choose bra that has the certain shape support.

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In the modern days, the bandeau bathing suits or sporting suits are the ones that have no strap or strapless garment that are worn around the women’s breasts. The bandeau can be fastened in the back or in front or the bandeau can also be so elastic so it will not need the fastener.

Within the strict sense of the bandeau, there will be two edges but sometimes can be found the bandeau that manufactured with the kind of detachable halter strap that will go around neck. In the modern days, there is the bandeau that will cover until the midriff can being called as tube top sometimes.

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Bandeau is no longer only used as bandeau bathing suits because there are clothes or tops with the certain styles. Bandeau without a strap is widely known as tube top, bandeau with strap often referred as bra and bandeau with the neck strap is popular as halter.

Using any type of bandeau is a part of fashion and women use them as the sportswear or the casual wear and sometimes it combine with the bolero, cropped jacket or combine as the sportswear ensemble. There are the various designs those using the various design elements such as O-rings.

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The history of bandeau is also showing not only bandeau bathing suits but also the religious habits as bandeau also used by nuns to support their veils. It used together with wimple that will cover around the neck and cheeks and also the white coif that will be attached to bandeau.

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Choosing Bandeau Bathing Suits

For many years, a lot of women fall in love with the bandeau and have chosen the bandeau bathing suits for them to use. A lot of women feel that the bandeau is comfortable and they will not have to deal with the annoying tan lines.

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There are different styles of bandeau that can be found and each design made to fit perfectly for the certain body types and any ages. Therefore it is very important to be able to choose the right bandeau design that will suit perfectly to someone’s body and of course also the comfortable bathing suits.

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  • First thing that must be done is to measure someone who about to wear the bathing suits. Someone must know whether she has changes in the measurements and it will help in reducing the choices of the bathing suits.
  • Knowing the body type will be important as well. There are a lot of bathing suits those made for the specific boy types. Some styles will suit the people who have the wide hips, large burst and a lot of others. Knowing the parts of the body that want to be accentuated will be helpful and also help in the parts that will need concealing.
  • Take a friend and ask for the opinion. This friend must be someone that can be trusted especially of course in the opinions those related to fashion. And it is also important if this friend is the honest person that will tell the truth about thebandeau bathing suits look good or not.
  • Online shops are suitable for those who feel shy if they have to go to the shops or department stores. People need to browse the catalog and use the sizing guides is also a way to avoid the hassle and embarrassment in the dressing room of a department store. Order a few bathing suits in different styles and try them when they arrive and return the ones those are not suitable. But be careful and check the policies of returning items. And make sure that the packaging is still in good condition when receiving.
  • Considering the activities done. Considering the activities to be done with the bathing suits. Some people might only wish to catch some sun shine or lying in the pool. While some other might be busy playing with the kids. There are different styles that will suit each category better.
  • One last thing that must be remembered is to stay realistic. Don’t ever choose the bathing suits that will not be suitable for the body. Nobody is perfect and do not expect to find the bathing suit that will make someone looks good in any ways because there is no such bathing suit.

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The most difficult thing about choosing the bandeau bathing suits is sometimes, people are not realistic enough and that is not good. Try to always remember that each one of the bathing suit is made with the precision so that it will suit better in someone’s body as it can conceal some parts and also able to exposes the part of the body. Focus the areas of the body those have the excess points instead of criticizing the body shape itself.

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