How to Care Swim Team Bathing Suits?

Swim Team Bathing Suits – Talking about swimming sport, swim team bathing suits will never be separated. Like people know, swimming is the old sport. But time after time this sport is developing. It becomes more interesting and using the better technology including in swimsuit technology. This bathing suit is different than the usual. The design and the material have chosen well. But beside it designed with the special material and special design, it also needs the special care. Maybe you wonder about it. But for the swimmer it is important to know it. And in this time, you will be informed with this thing and your concern will be answered.

In this time, swimming becomes a serious business. So it is important for you to know how to care your swim uniform. At the beginning, before you care yourswim team bathing suits, you need to know your material. Actually competition swimsuit has made from manmade fibers. Polyester, Lycra and spandex spun with the thin thread and woven. All of these woven at the high tread count so the smooth surface can be created.

This surface gives the great effect and gives the minimal friction. It because the thin fabric that can be as thin as 1/100th of the human hair. It is so smooth. This is why they need to be treated with care in the laundry.

To help you care swim team bathing suits, you also need to learn about the prerinse. Maybe you wonder about it. Actually what prerinse is? Prerinse is essential to help you clean your swimsuit. After you use your swimsuit to practice or meet, make sure to rinse off the suit in the sink to remove chlorine and body soil from the swimsuit. It can be the first help to clean the swimsuit.

After you have done with the first step and clean the chlorine and body soil, the next step is to wash it. This is needed to clean the dirt. But the plain water will not remove all body soil or chlorine. So what should you do? If you wonder about it, you can put cool water into your sink.

First, your swimsuit must be turned inside out. Then, you need to use mild detergent to wash your swimsuit. You need to be careful on choosing your detergent. Liquid mild detergent is the best option and remember not to use powder detergent because this type of detergent doesn’t dissolve completely and it won’t be easy to rinse your swimsuit.  It only takes one tablespoon of the detergent to wash your swimsuit.

You also need to make sure to not use bleach. You can swish it for several minutes and rinse it well. You also need to make sure to not put the suit in the washer or mesh bag because the spinning and the agitation of this device is too strong.

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The other thing that you need to know is the drying process. Put the swimsuit in the dryer is forbidden. The high heat of the heater will shrink and fade the color. So what should you do? To dry the swimsuit, you can spread in the place that gets the direct sunlight. Do not iron the suit. If the suit is not neat and there are wrinkles, you just need to dampen the suit and it will neat by itself. The other thing to know is making sure if the suit is dry before you store it.

With all of these tips, now you can care your swimsuit well. After you read the tips, maybe you will think if there are some tips that look difficult to do. But even it looks difficult enough, it will be better to keep your asset and your swim team bathing suits to last longer.

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