Black and White in the Wild Beach – Zebra Print Bathing Suits

As zebra print bathing suits become popular in women’s fashion, we should understand its advantage and distinctiveness. We also know that the development of fashion world always raises many special attractions. As a result, a zebra pattern is one of the fashion products that draw most attention of women.

Zebra Print Bathing Suits 1

Animals are often used as inspiration in the fashion world.  Starting from fur pattern, skin textures up to the animal character itself. Fashion items with animal themes can be a statement to show the uniqueness, sexiness or even wildness of someone. Some pattern such as leopard and zebra could even make the wearers seem sexier. So if you want to look attractive and sexy in swimming pool or beach, zebra bikini could be a better option.

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How to Pick a Sexy zebra print bathing suits?

Swimsuit is a serious thing for a woman. Why? Because of women would never fool around to pick their swimsuit. Women will always to choose swimsuit that will fits her body so that it can make them looks more beautiful. Choose a beach wear is not like to pick an ordinary outfit.

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Especially that if you decide to wear a zebra pattern. It could be many options to consider in order picking a bikini. Do you need a nice outfit to play or exercise in sea, ball games on beach or to simply relax in warm water?

Zebra Print Bathing Suits 4

You may wear that black and white pattern in those spots but you have to ponder the appearances of your suit. Indeed, this type of swimwear would make the body look slimmer. However, it is not only because of color shades. You should also consider the size and pieces. Have a plus-size body does not mean that you can not look sexy and stylish while wearing a zebra suit. Two piece or one piece model is not a problem as long as you know the tips.

Zebra Print Bathing Suits 5

Most of women have different sizes of upper and lower body areas. So, it is better to purchase a separated pair. For example, a pair of swimsuit with medium top size and a large pant size. If you are not confident in a bikini, tank top and shorts model may be able to be an option.

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The key is to find a most appropriate and comfortable size for your body. There are several brands of swimwear which the sizes are smaller than your ordinary outfit. For example, if you wear a 14 size of jeans, you should try a 16 size of bathing suit.

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Well, sometimes the large size of breast could make difficult to wear a swimsuit.  The important thing is be sure that it has a cup size which is adequate. Besides, make sure that the cup is not easy to shift and do cover your vital part of body. Perhaps you do not feel confident using a strapless swimsuit. But it will make your breasts look slim and proportionate.

Zebra Print Bathing Suits 9

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A halter neck with the wire will also very helpful for you to support the breast so you can move freely. If you are a lanky woman, just focus to the foot area. A one piece cut will improve that appearance. A one piece swimsuit in black and white pattern which look so usual will seem so amazing if it has a conspicuous point such as shiny tones.

Zebra Print Bathing Suits 10

If you do not find a cute and stylish swimsuit, do not hesitate. You must pay attention to this zebra style. You can combine this apparel with interesting accessories like hats, tote bag, towels or sunglasses. So, let’s try with your zebra print bathing suits!

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