Bathing Suit Material Name

Bathing suit material name difference with other clothes materials. It is because the material should be light so when people want to swim it would not absorb water too much and make it heavier. The materials also need to be soft and comfortable so people can swim freely and do not be distracted with the suit. The elasticity is also important so the shape would not change even if it has stretched.

The materials also have to be easily dyed so that it can be colored and the color would not clear when it is washed. That is why the choosing of the material for the bathing suit is very important to get the best bathing suit. It holds an important part of the bathing suit itself. The materials determine the comfort of the suit and also the effect to the skin, if someone has allergic to some materials.

The found of the bathing suit material has takes long journey of experiments and history. In the beginning of the history of the bathing suit material, people tend to have wool as its prominent material. However, the wool make the swimming becomes impractical because the materials absorb so much water when people swim.

Then people try to have another type of material. In the 1900s, people changed the wool and made the bathing suit by using jersey knit and cotton. It succeed to make the bathing suit became more light.

However, it still can absorb water and make the bathing suit not comfortable to use to swim. Then DuPont found the spandex in 1959, and it became the ideal materials for bathing suit, because it is lighter, stretchy, and the most important thing is that it does not absorb water. It is then becomes the most basic bathing suit material until today. However in the 1980s the found of micro fabrics has bring the new world of the suit materials.

The development of bathing suit material still comes to the edge until today. People still have experiments to have the best materials so that the swimming activity will be more comfortable. The technology today helps a lot in finding the right materials for the bathing suit.

The fabrics they use in the bathing suit become smaller and thinner. It helps a lot with the stretchiness of the bathing suit. Nowadays, the types of the bathing suit itself have great effect on the choosing of the material to be used.

For example, trunks, it uses not the spandex but a mesh lining as its material. Different type of the bathing suit will need a different type of the materials. However, the most common material for the bathing suit is spandex. Because of that, people now tend to have their bathing suit just based on the model, the colors and motif.

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They do not think about the use of the material anymore. May be today the consideration of choosing the material of the bathing suit will look more on the additional materials which sometimes not suit with people skin. For the swimming sport, the technology of the materials always developed so that it will help the athlete to have less effort to swim and make them to swim as comfortable as possible.

The swim suit industry tries their best effort so that their bathing suit can be used by the athletes. They even provide the UV sun block in their swim suit so the athlete would not be worried about the UV light anymore. The technology of the bathing suit material has come to beyond our imagination, and it will keep its track a long to go.

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